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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Years of obsessive Internet information extraction has given me a largely useless skill: I can generally discern what's crap and what isn't when it comes to message board rumors, so, hell, I'll report some interesting stuff about recruits I've run across that passes my BS meters.

First, at (<-- site dedicated to Ohio high school sports) there's a some comparison between the very-probably-soon-to-commit Cobrani Mixon and Buckeye commit Ross Homan, both Ohio linebackers. Honor & Glory, who I've mentioned before, is both a Colerain and Buckeye partisan, so bias is pulling him both ways:

In all objectivity, Mixon would be a much higher prospect if he had not hurt his knee last year. That injury, alone, is what delayed several schools (OSU and Michigan) from offering him in Feb. Mixon ran a 4.6 at Michigan camp last week and he still says his knee is only about 80% of where he was before he was hurt and running 4.5...

Mixon's frame is unbelievable. He is going to wind up in the 6-3 245 lbs range...every 'measurable' that you want to compare Mixon to Homan...Mixon wins. Also, keep in mind that the numbers Mixon put up last year were done so with one leg and he missed like six games.

Honestly, I can't put my finger on it...the Buckeye boards love Homan...I am a buckeye fan to the death....but Mixon is better and I'd rather have him.

I really don't want to sound disparaging towards Homan, because that is not what this forum is about...But I just don't see the comparrison between the two. Mixon is just that much better with better size potential for his frame.
Don Flamenco is a guy with connections who is just the Buckeye half of Honor & Glory's partisan sandwich, and he says:
[Homan] ran a 4.91 40 when I saw him at the MLS combine and athletically he just isnt even close to being on the same level as Mixon and Gibson. I was just not overly impressed with him. I'd say he's a D-1 prospect but definitely not on the AJ Hawk level like some seem to think. ... Mixon is Quicker, Faster, Bigger, and played against much much better competition.
Other Buckeye guys in the thread are pumping Homan up (and I'm sure that a 4.91 is not a realistic 40 for him) but Don and H&G bring more Internet Authorita(!) to the table. Mixon's knee injury may keep him out of top 100 lists not littered with excessive Ohioans but the buzz here is very good. mgoblog is pretty happy with the linebacker class as it stands.

Meanwhile, this lupp2 fellow--a track coach at Myron Rolle's prep school--who I mentioned before popped up again and started talking. In a nutshell, he thinks that it's PSU, Michigan, and Miami for Rolle and that Oklahoma is too far away for him to end up here. That's extremely encouraging... I fully expect to read some bad news about him tomorrow. I have more information on Rolle than any recruit in memory and I have no idea where he wants to go to school.

On the Darrin Walls front, Pitt commitment Jason Pinkston told ESPN radio and the Pitt Scout guru that Walls is down to Michigan and... Pitt? No offense to Pitt fans and their monumental Western PA commitment streak, but that sounds like very good news to me if true, since just recently Walls said that Pitt would be fifth on his list. It would take a lot of overtaking to get a commitment from Walls.