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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Update 6/1: Rivals has released its initial five stars and top 100, and everyone's notes have been updated to reflect the new information. There are still a few "4.5" stars out there for guys who will probably be Scout 5-stars but not Rivals 5-stars; Scout usually gives out maybe 20 additional five-star ratings. I also rearranged them so the players are more or less in ranking order. Moved DeMarco Murray to RB from CB, Steve Brown to S from CB, Brandon Spikes from DE to LB.

So, a lot of moving stuff around without a lot of content changes. The Rivals 100 looks pretty good to Michigan fans. Michigan already has commitments from #19 (Graham) and #39 (Boren) and is in on a lot of the rest, including about eight five-stars that they have a realistic shot with.

Update update: Right. Link is here.