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Thursday, June 02, 2005

This news is slightly old, but Irish QB coach David Cutcliffe has resigned due to health reasons. I wouldn't mention it except it gives me an opportunity to talk about something I've been thinking for a bit: Charlie Weis appears to be something of a dick.

Hold on just a second with the mailing me dead leprechauns, Irish fans. I realize that he is God incarnate and without him Tom Brady will suddenly turn into Rick Mirer, but he is also, eh, a bit of a dick. I'm just saying. Blue-Gray Sky's excerpt from the Weisconference highlights a passage that I hope illustrates the point:

"I have a contingency plan if I lose anybody, so it's not just him. No matter who we would lose, there's a contingency plan.

Just as I told you coming in, I wasn't blowing hot air when I talked about having a depth chart of coaches. Well, once you hire them, now you need to revise that depth chart so you know who's waiting in the wings and who you can get if something happens, and you have to have them at every position because you never know what's going to happen."
That seems to be an exceptionally confrontational answer to this question: "Did you always have sort of a contingency plan in place? You always hoped he was coming back, but just in case?" I dunno. I just see overtones of "of course, you useless peon, I foresaw this and machinations you CANNOT CONCEIVE OF WITH YOUR PUNY WRITER BRAIN(!) are happening at this very moment. Worry not, foolish mortal." It certainly doesn't help matters that Charlie Weis referred to Charlie Weis in the third person twice--as if he was a Dirty South rapper--during what was apparently a ten-minute press conference.

Maybe I'm reading this all wrong and if I had actually heard the audio everything would be clear to me and I would regard Charlie Weis as just God incarnate and not God incarnate and a bit of a douche. But this isn't the first time I've read a Charlie Weis quote and thought to myself "man, Charlie Weis thinks a lot of Charlie Weis."

Charlie Weis!

Bill Martin heeds thy cries, Michigan fans. The planned Michigan Stadium renovation now comes complete with one or two endzone second decks to prevent any seats from being lost and to give us a better place to stick visiting fans.

The latest epistle on Saint Tressel and his lovably rambunctious drug-dealin' Buckeyes from rates high on my personal unintentional comedy scale for this sentence alone:
"...The majority of Ohio State fans appreciate the fact that Tressel treats all 105 of his players as his children."
Super. Hey, Coach Tressel, please keep your "children" the hell away from me.

Finally, can we get this Palestinian prisoner a different jersey? Maybe something that says "Doss" would be more appropriate.