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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Update 6/22: Grudgingly re-added VA WR Percy Harvin. Removed LB Akeem Hebron, TX OL Chris Stewart, FL WR Tony Wilson, MI LB Eric Gordon (MSU commit), and PA WR Dorin Dickerson(Pitt commit). Noted that PA DT Jason Pinkston will announce Monday... probably Pitt again (wild speculation).

A lot of death and destruction in this edition of the update. Wilson and Stewart indicated vague interest very early but I haven't heard anything since. Hebron was always a long shot and will end up somewhere in the SEC. Gordon might have gotten an offer from Michigan later but family ties to MSU and a right-now offer from the Spartans made his decision easy. Dickerson... well, losing Dickerson sucks. Hard-hitting editorial commentary!

Link here.