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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Well, the buzz has been buzzing a while now. There is a GBW story up picturing Cincinatti Colerain linebacker Cobrani Mixon with title "End of Camp: 1 Commit Coming; Several Camp Offers." So let's just say that it's very likely that Mixon is Michigan commit #3.

Mixon on the left. OT Connor Smith on the right.

mgoblog likes this potential committment much. Mixon is a tough kid who played most of last year at half-speed after partially tearing his ACL. Despite not being fully recovered from his injury, Mixon got a very early offer from Michigan. Ohio State and LSU then followed. Honor&Glory is a poster on BuckeyePlanet who is very close to the Colerain program. This is what he has to say on Mixon:

"The only thing that has kept schools from offering him right now is the fact that he tore his ACL and is coming off of surgery...But do not underestimate this kid...he PLAYED the final 10 games of Colerain's season WITH the torn ACL and gutted it out on sheer will and pain tolerance. He is also a great kid."
If I had to bet, I'd say that Mixon initially gets pegged as a three star pending his senior year performance. If he performs as expected he should get a bump to four. So, a good player. And his name is Cobrani! That's up there with Mister Simpson and Zoltan Mesko.

All right, a real picture:

Update: Mixon is officially in. mgoblog's prediction machine is running strong at the moment with the FF and Mixon's committment, which was forecast on the recruiting board a few weeks ago. Someone get me a lotto ticket! And some peanut butter!