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Monday, June 27, 2005

Internet sleuthing based on the URL of that Robby Paris clipfest reveals a veritable cornucopia of Zapruder-quality video of Ohio high school football players. You can check out Mario Manningham scoring touchdowns in the North-South Ohio All Star game. Touchdown #1 is the second play of this clip. Touchdown #2 is about halfway through this one. There is also fairly boring Cobrani Mixon video.

I should note that Mixon, contrary to what mgoblog told you, is not committed... yet. So says H&G on BuckeyePlanet and some other people too. It should be a matter of a week or less. notes that the mystery poll is taking shape. One interesting, surprisingly uncrappy facet of it: the first one won't be until several weeks of the season have passed.

Anyone wondering what that Braveheart thing posted Saturday was all about can find their answers at Every Day Should Be Saturday. HP, newly awarded the... uh, award for being the CFB blogosphere's resident pissant, is pissed. He cleverly covers for his lack of coherency by responding with a post that is too goddamn long to fisk. I figure all this is very tedious to readers but at the very least I got called "the Lloyd Carr of the blogosphere," which immediately hit the testimonials section. A warning for those bored out of their skulls by this (a group that is soon to include me, no doubt)--I'll probably throw something up as a small rebuttal and then go put the horse down. Because it's lame. Ha ha.

Lemming related fallout is apparently going to last as long as a nuclear winter. Blue-Gray Sky goes "ewwwwwww" in regards to the Lemmster's general ickiness, and Pitt Sports Blather thinks the timing of this whole thing is miiiighty suspicious. Braves & Birds also tackles he hypocrisy of Michigan fans who simultaneously believe that Lemming is Satan but that the nutty behavior The Wolverine is accused of is obviously false.

About that nutty behavior... Josh Helmholdt succinctly said that those charges were "factually incorrect." Email has been dispatched to Bruce Feldman but a response is probably not forthcoming. mgoblog believes Helmholdt but would still like to get to the bottom of this.

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