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Thursday, July 28, 2005

You are doing yourself a disservice if you aren't reading the varied BlogPoll Roundtable responses currently up at Blue Gray Sky, especially if you like yourself some vitriol. (And let's be serious: you do.) Somebody back me up on the not getting Army-Navy thing.

Chad Ford is gone from but that's not the newsworthy thing. This is the newsworthy thing:

He will become a professor of international conflict resolution at Brigham Young University-Hawaii.
Sure beats sharing a website with Scoop Jackson.

Speaking of ESPN, Steve Czaban has compiled a list of ESPN 'personalities' (<-- I despise said word and its connotations for sports broadcast) who do not suck. Two, maybe three, of them suck, though: arrogance personified Bob Ryan, Jay Bilas, and maybe Mel Kiper. Kiper usually shows up once a year though and he totally bitched out that Colts GM one year, so I'm all right with him. And where is classy, interesting Tom Jackson? And, though he is a Buckeye, Kirk Herbstreit deserves to be on any list of ESPN non-suck. Chris Fowler probably filled the Gameday slot.

(Belated HT: Have You Met Tony?)

Stuart Mandel got bored and managed to rile up the Irish again by suggesting they'll be in the Big Ten eventually. He even got the divisions right, with Michigan/OSU/MSU/Iowa/Wisconsin/Minnesota in one ("North" I guess) and then Purdue, Notre Dame, Penn State, and a bunch of crap in the other. Preserves every significant rivalry except the MSU-ND one, but MSU would have to pick either Michigan or ND in this scenario.

Not that any Irish fan looks at this with anything but horror and highly offensive suggestions that Michigan is a racist institution. But what are you going to do? They have to explain the fact that they're a has-been somehow.