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Monday, July 11, 2005

Update 7/11: Removed PA QB Pat Devlin, who committed to Miami. Linked to Steve Brown article. Added CA CB Devin Ross, removed OH WR Robby Parris, who committed to ND.

Editorial Opinion: Devlin's commitment to Miami means that Michigan is edging closer to a quarterback class with just Cone in it. Tebow is the last guy out there that has mutual interest with Michigan. I mean no offense to Cone, but that makes me nervous.

Parris to ND is disappointing but not surprising in retrospect. With Stovall and McKnight gone after this year and nothing but the Amazing Two Star Willingham Parade lined up to replace them, immediate playing time stares Parris in the face at ND. At Michigan he would probably have to eat at least two WRs to play much in his first two years. I would have been very happy with his commitment--I know this is against the rules since Parris is white, but he looked like a 6'4" Jason Avant in his film. I think he'll be excellent for the Irish. Michigan will be fine without him, but now future games against ND may end 821-14 instead of 821-7.