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Monday, July 11, 2005

The Jake Long hype train is a little slow getting started with unobservant pundits giving eminently "meh" LT Adam Stenavich mucho props, but The Great Blue North Draft Report is on the ball with a somewhat scary mention of Long as one of their "players to watch" for next year's draft:

The biggest and best of the underclassmen who could impact the 2006 draft is Michigan redsirt sophomore Jake Long, a massive 6-7, 338-pound RT prospect. Given the talent at the position this year, Long probably would be wise to wait until 2007 at least to leave school, although as a redshirt sophomore he is eligible to enter this year's draft. Whenever he does opt to turn pro, though, Long who has the pure physical potential to work his way into the very top of the OT rankings. Long is a dominating drive blocker who simply engulfs opposing DEs; and while not necessarily the most agile OT out there, Long has long arms and decent feet that allow him to lock onto even the quickest outside pass rushers.
mgoblog thinks it would be wise to wait until 2008, Mr. Long. I'm just saying.

(HT: Ufer's Spirit on Winged Helmet)

Wisconsin recruit and soon-to-be former Jack Johnson teammate Jack Skille was interviewed recently and had very complimentary things to say about Skatin' Godzilla:
"When I'm on the bench it's amazing to see him go out there and just crush guys," he marveled. "He's just a man among boys out there - it's scary. I'm going to have a rough time playing against him next year, but it's going to be fun. He's great. His stick-handling skills; he fakes one way and goes the other; the spin move; those are all the little things he does that are just amazing. They're things I probably wouldn't be able to do and it's just fun to watch."
Anticipation... level... rising mustcontrolenthusiasm SPOCK.

(HT: Michigan Hockey Net)

Those bastards at ESPN Classic are showing some games that Michigan (you know, the all time leader in win percentage) actually won. In August, but set your TIVOs now:
  • 1989 Rose Bowl: August 8th, 1 PM.
  • 1993 Rose Bowl: August 11, 1 PM.
  • 1998 Rose Bowl: August 15, 1 PM.
Iowa incoming freshman CB Justin Edwards got busted for DUI. FYI. LOL I LUV ACRONYM. Ohio State DT Brandon Maupin is suspended for the year because of academics.