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Thursday, August 04, 2005

So, that Myron Rolle kid, you know, the one that's an 8.0 student that everyone (justifiably) fawns over because he has like, athletic skillz and doctor brainz?

Well, in the Michigan recruitnik community (guilty) there seems to be mostly pessimism as regards the chances of Rolle donning the winged helmet, but whenever I read totally unconfirmed but supposedly second-hand information about him it reads like good news. Witness previous posts on the Penn State boards from one of Myron's track coaches at his school, and now this information from an Oklahoma board.

yardleysoonerfan (post count: a credible 2,900+) says in a rational and restrained fashion that passes the ol' BS detector:

Academics and college curriculums are a big factor here. He is a suberb student and has told me on more than one occassion how important this is which is one of a few reasons why he gave me the impression he was leaning toward Michigan. We'll see.
And then...
In a nutshell, that while football is obviously very important, academics and family are the two most important things to him. He is a 4.0 student from a very close, tight knit family. I just got the sense that he was leaning toward Michigan which is one of the finest schools in the nation.
And then...
Among several other things, he said they were far and away the best school academically that he is still considering and that academics are more important to him than football. You can draw your own conclusions. I asked him if he were to choose today who would it be and he didn't name any one school. Well [sic] see.

Er. Anyway. Rolle has been scrupulously neutral in every interview he's given so everyone is going on total speculation, but these appear to be two different sources in direct contact with the future Neuroscientist Cornerback Mayor of Everything that are under the impression that Michigan is Rolle's likely destination.

Yes, this is pretty much the definition of "for what it's worth." So: FWIW.

Did I mention I have somehow arrived at the conclusion that Taylor Mays will pick Michigan? I got nothing to back that up. I just think that. That's probably useless, but whatever. Hearsay and speculation at its finest... This Is CNN mgoblog.