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Friday, August 12, 2005

Update 8/12: Linked to Scout article header that asserts Michigan is in the top 3 for CA S/LB Jonas Mouton, removed PA TE Nate Byham(Pitt). Pitt is really cleaning up in PA this year. Added FL OL Jim Barrie, linked to free Superprep Taylor Mays article.

Editorial Opinion: Hell if I know on Mays. This is what he says on the three schools he's considering:

Washington: "I really respect coach Willingham," said Mays. "Washington is only 10 minutes from my house. My dad, Stafford, played nose guard there and his brother played for Washington too. But I don't feel any pressure from my dad to go there. We've been to a lot of Husky games, but he knows it's my decision and he doesn't hold any bias.

Michigan: "I really like the Big House at Michigan. My position and recruiting coach, Ron English, has been the coach that I've been closest to this whole process. I connect with him on a different level. He's really made more of an effort to get me than anyone.

USC: "At USC, you notice the level of competition, the coaching and the atmosphere that surrounds them," he said. "The atmosphere there is fast and the players are all working to be the best. Their practices are amazing. My aunt Barbara lives in L.A. too. I'm close with her and that would be a plus for me, but not a deciding factor."

Emphasis mine. That's an unusual and powerful statement for a recruit to make, but there's still that ominous silence looming over the Michigan recruitnik boards. Usually silence == bad news. So... I dunno. We'll see.