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Friday, August 12, 2005

I realize that ESPN Insider is having a 30-day free trial at the moment, so I can freely link to stuff there, at least for now, if they are interesting. So you can see that ESPN's new Recruiting Insider service is definitely being pitched differently than Scout and Rivals. It focuses more on NFL Draft-style scouting reports and player evaluation and less on finding out what Myron Rolle ate for breakfast and what it means for his future college decision. Witness the moderately detailed scouting reports they've put up as a "sneak peek" into their upcoming ESPN 150. David Cone's evaluation contains this tantalizing teaser:

Cone is a big and physical quarterback, with outstanding size and more than adequate arm strength, but he is not an ideal athlete for the position.
Holy John Navarre, Batman!

They're sold on Myron Rolle:
Overall: Spectacular is the word that comes to mind when evaluating Myron Rolle. This guy has the total package: size, speed, athleticism, toughness and versatility. He could be an impact player immediately at three different positions; running back, safety or cornerback. We project him as a corner or cover safety.
Micah Johnson is the only other Michigan recruit currently profiled.

At the very least, this will provide a third point of reference when attempting to determine who is all that at the end of the year. It'll be interesting to see if ESPN's opinion differs wildly with Scout and Rivals, who definitely seem more invested in making every kid seem like the next Jim Brown.