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Monday, August 29, 2005

So. This is what you can expect from mgoblog during football season:

Saturday: Very little. All home games and probably a couple away games will be attended, thus severely hampering blogability. There might be something late Saturday occasionally if I am around and, uh, sober. An away game against a bad opponent might get a liveblog, but the leading candidate for such an event, Northwestern, is a game I might attend. Away games against teams like Iowa and Michigan State will certainly not get a liveblog, for fairly obvious reasons.
Sunday: Also very little. I've committed myself to rewatching all games--even our 1-3 excruciating losses--the day after to attempt to get a sense of what happened and why. During this period I'll do something like a Dr. Z charting, but probably only focused on a couple key things.
Monday: A recap of the weekend's game. Probably a column type thing and then chart displaying stats and some explanation. Also the week's BlogPoll ballot.
Tuesday: BlogPoll released with some commentary. Roundtable also posted at some other BlogPoll site. Inseason roundtables will be bi-weekly and shorter, one or two questions max. I assume people will have a lot of other things to talk about during the season.
Wednesday: Mustaches.
Thursday: Opponent preview, hopefully with a guest post from a blog dedicated to the opponent team. A reluctant prediction on it and several other games of consequence that I feel educated about.
Friday: A list of reasons why Michigan is better than the opponent in every conceivable way.

News will be interspersed. I fully plan on half-assing hockey coverage until football season ends; Yost Built should be your destination of choice for that. Basketball coverage will be likewise shaky. And, honestly, if they're terrible again this year I am not going to put a lot of time into it. I'm your typical awful fairweather Michigan basketball fan.

Coming up this week: Michigan preview blowout explosion! Later today: Part I of Huge Gigantor MichiPreview. Wednesday: Part II. Hopefully some time this week: a conversation between myself, Vijay from IBFC, and Joey from Straight Bangin'.

Question for readers: The "Game Thread" is sort of a thing that various blogs do with frequency. It's certainly possible that I could do a similar thing but I don't want said thing to A) be totally, embarassingly deserted or B) be full of the same sort of vicious bile Rivals messageboards often fill up with. So, would you like to see these things? Would you use them and fill them with measured bile?