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Monday, August 29, 2005

More injuries: Redshirt freshman Grant DeBenedictis is out for the year with ACL damage. DeBenedictis is far down the depth chart. Michigan won't be affected by his loss unless something biblical happens to the OL. More directly relevant is Tim Jamison's situation. He has a sprained shoulder and will sit out the NIU game, though he expects to play against ND.

Quality Blog Work abounds. Ian from Sexy Results slams Scoop Jackson's flat ig'nant column on Jeff Kent's problems with certified nutballs Milton Bradley and Barry Bonds. Scoop thinks Kent is racist. Ian thinks Scoop is an elaborate hoax, something I have hypothesized my own self. Jay at BGS has a schizophrenic conversation with himself (and Marco) that's hilarious. Blogpoller Eagle In Atlanta got some pub in the AJC.

I went and saved the best for last: the unwieldly-named "Corporate Headquarters of the San Antonio Gunslingers" (henceforth known as "the CHQ") breaks down the announced Harris Poll votership more thoroughly than anyone, mainstream media or non-. Here it is: blizzam! There is also a comprehensive list of these voters and just who the hell they are. Stunning revelation 1A: There's a grand total of one voter with any connection to the big three in Florida, a perfect example of anti-America's Wang bias at its worst. RTWT.

Well, that's one way to set up a quality nonconference game. The owners of Bristol Motor Speedway have offered Tennessee and Virginia Tech $20 million each(AR, not worth it) to play a game on the infield. Questions abound: the track seats 170k. 40 million divided by 170k = $235.29 per seat to break even. Maybe you could get a big hunk of money from whoever ends up televising the game, but still... this seems totally unworkable. If VT backs out, can our money-whoring fiscally minded athletic department get in on this action? We might be able to play an away game or two without seeing the stadium crumble into dust.

(HT: DaveSez.)

I know Penn State fans hate this guy, but he knows how to get on my good side. David Jones' take on the Huggins exorcism recently executed by Cincinatti ends like so:

[Huggins will land] Where he still won't have to wear a nice club tie and won't have to say all the right things. Where he won't have to be Jim Tressel.

Not that there's anything at all separating Huggins and Tressel other than a smart sweater vest and bleached teeth.

But a lot of people don't realize that, do they?

Woohaa. David Jones got you all in check. Tressel's Holtzian past at YSU seems to get glossed over more often than not. Dude is shady. (Cue Buckeye fans outraged at "ESPiN" in the comments section.)

Former Michigan forward Jerod Ward is joining the Bulls. Uh, the Yunnan Honghe Bulls of the Chinese Basketball Association. He was drafted in the third round.

I'm all for killing coachspeak but Bruce Weber might want to turn his meaningless platitude rating up. Weber on the Big Ten touring team that recently finished a five-game swing against Spanish professional teams 2-3:
Weber said he told a Big Ten representative not to call the team an "all-star" team because the talent level was uncommonly low. "At least our guys were talented and want to be players," Weber said. "But some of them- It was embarrassing."
Yow. Don't think he's referring to Michigan representative Ron Coleman, who dropped 22 in one game and was one of the team's leading scorers. It's not like he doesn't have a point--Michigan scrub extraordinare Amadou Ba was a recent rep--but you couldn't phrase that sentiment in more offensive fashion without exceeding the bounds of taste imposed by your local newspaper. Still preferable to "both teams played hard," though.

Zounds. The New York Times' prediction for national champion: Michigan, after defeating Louisville in the Rose Bowl.

Also, the Houston Chronicle has an article on the recruiting dead period text message epidemic currently going on. Bad Urban! No Pope soup for you!