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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Well, Captain's Quarters got ahold of the whole Nancy Clark thing and fired his own broadside back. Reverberations will, uh, reverberate a long way down the pike now; CQ, if you don't know, is probably third or fourth in the line of succession to the Rightwing Blog Pundit throne. (Get cracking with that poison.) CFR has a comprehensive recap up.

Myself, I wish this wasn't happening. Nancy Clark is a sports columnist for the Des Moines Register. In terms of importance she ranks up there with the creator of the low-carb tortilla. So while some dumb fun should be had at her expense--I mean that was a really delightfully stupid column, the Con Air of columns--the outrage should be saved. EDSBS is right on per usual: call her up and see what the hell is going on. Dog die? Menopause? What's the deal?

I mean, dude... Instapundit even linked to some (possibly hot? maybe?) chick who's claiming this is more evidence of the "Big Media pushing back against the blogosphere." The Big Media may indeed be doing so. But to classify this little manifesto in with the "Big Media" is a severe misestimation of the Des Moines Register and how it relates to the word "big" and, for that matter, the word "media," which likely implies that attention is received.

Attention was not being received. It is now, and because of what, a screed so poorly written that if I had found it on someone's blog I would have scoffed and checked Sitemeter to make sure whoever wrote it was struggling to get double-digit daily hits? The knee-jerk instinct of bloggers to get all huffy whenever someone, anyone, who gets paid to put words on paper takes a shot at them reflects poorly on the enterprise. It speaks of insecurity. I'd rather a few cheap laughs are had at her expense and then life moves on. The goal here is to belittle; not treat her like someone worth listening to.

I'll follow my own advice and offer up a really, really cheap shot. Why am I not surprised that this thing comes from what appears to be Helen Thomas's less attractive sister? Good God, no wonder she's bitter.

Guten tag, guten tag. Tippen der waitstaffen.