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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Holy Unibrow, Batman! Via EDSBS comes this:

I wonder what Lloyd Carr looked like in the 70s. Anyone with pictoral evidence of such, contact me immediately.

Der ball der bounce, Big Ten section, is previewed by Yoni Cohen of yocohoops on Michigan's mentioned in the middle tier of the conference, but there's a picture of Amaker yelling at someone. So we've got that going for us.

The Blade has another in the "hometown dudes playing for Michigan" genre. The Toledo-ans playing for Michigan are guard/long snapper Pat Sharrow and FS Willis Barringer.

Yes, I am concerned about MSU this year. So articles like this one in the Lansing State Journal make me happy. MSU's corner situation is a disaster at the moment. Jaren Hayes is suspended due to an off-field incident. Redshirt freshmen Brian Brighton and Eric Hines are probably out for the year with injuries. Freshman Kendall Davis is dealing with some NCAA clearinghouse issues. The guys currently listed as starters are senior Ashton Watson, who's proven to be pretty meh so far, and sophomore and former walk-on Travis Key. Past that are converted WRs, JUCOs, and walk-ons.

We're #4 again. This time it's in SI's college football preview. The article focuses on Breaston, who is apparently a fledgling slam poet. Witness:

See, whenever I was young, I spent a dollar twenty-five/On a book that had inside/Men who could fly/Who wore mind-grabbing costumes/ And these men couldn't die.
I actually see my share of slam poetry for reasons of time-overlap with standup and I can safely say that since Breaston's apparently isn't five minutes of screaming about eeeeevil Republicans, it's the best slam poetry ever. Also, it's reassuring that the most damage Breaston can inflict on himself via hobby is a paper cut. (No wise remarks about that knocking him out of action, please.)

One of my friend's friends is Neal Pollack's friend. I think. Also I've just experienced that weird cognative dissonance thing where you burn yourself out on a particular word and it looks strange, alien, horrible. The meaning escapes you. The point of this? Well, Pollack wrote an excellent article taking the "OMG Wacky Athlete Yoga" sportwriting crutch to school (yo).