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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Update 8/10: Removed NJ WR Andrey Baskin, who dropped us. Also removed DT Aundre Henderson, who committed to Minnesota... Minnesota? Linked to a couple articles, one in the Seattle Times on Taylor Mays and Steve Schilling, the other a Rivals article on Mays citing the Times article.

Editorial Opinion: The decision of Mays (clumsy and dorky sounding, but the possessive "Mays's" I could not stand) could come at any time. Michigan boards are ominously silent on his decision. Joey says it looks like USC, which would make my previously published unsubstantiated hunch totally wrong, but I think Joey just tries to be as pessimistic as he can about everything to prevent heartbreak--clearly Michigan football is way, way too important to him. A kindred spirit.

Anyway: I still think there's a decent chance Mays picks UM, but not a great one.

Numbers are getting really thin at defensive tackle now. Looking increasingly likely that Michigan will forgo DT entirely in this class, unless you count Marques Slocum, which you certainly could.