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Thursday, August 18, 2005

The Round Mound of Coaching Renown is at it again. At this point he may as well be handing out little cards that say "Weis E. Coyote, Super Genius":

Weis has made the transition to the college game from the pros in a span of eight months. In that time, he has an idea of what to expect from the schedule and the schemes his team will see.

“I think it’s significantly easier because the intricacies of the system,” Weis said about making the jump from the pros to college versus going college to pro. “Pittsburgh doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out what they’re going to do. Michigan, it doesn’t take a brain surgeon. Michigan State will have played two games by the time we’ve played them. Washington three games. Purdue has a bye in there so they also will have played three games. I’ve looked at the schedule.”

I've never really been one of those guys who need to see ND lose consistently (though it has been nice). When Michigan beats ND I want them to have a good season so it reflects well on Michigan. No longer. Nothing would be more satisfying than seeing the Supergenius get 11 anvils to the head.

(Soonerfark on Weis. Not their best work, but whatever.)

We have our own Supergenius, I guess. Terry Malone was named Rivals' top offensive coordinator in all of college football. Uh. Don't get me wrong, I like Malone a lot, but doesn't there have to be someone at one of those sophist-o-schoools who's the (Bettie Marie) Best Ever? I guess most of your Texas Techs, Purdues, Boise States, and Louisvilles have head coaches who functionally double as offensive coordinator. So finding OCs who actually head up good offenses is somewhat difficult.

Speaking of Malone, he told Angelique S. Chengelis things about Henne:

Physically he'll be so much more ready because of the conditioning and the weight training and the year's worth of work that you need to go through to be ready to play," Malone said. "To think he went through an entire season and never really had a major drop-off is amazing. I expect to see him really taking it to a higher level just because of the physical part of it."

Because Henne is stronger and has a better feel for the offense, Malone will be able to use him differently.

"We'll certainly be moving the quarterback more than we did last year," Malone said.

Emphasis mine. Git yur waggle on, girl. Chengelis also thinks that Max Martin will have a "breakout year," but she's the one who said that Troy Smith was better than Vince Young, so I would cock an eyebrow dismissively if I were you.

A long package-linger is heavily implied by the Detroit News:

The Maximum Output track club prepares to run sprint drills with a shirtless and obviously ripped Braylon Edwards during a training session last month at Birmingham Groves High.
Angelique, you naughty girl. Oh, yeah, read the article. And this one on Breaston.

The Eye on the Bucks continues. Buckeye Commentary reports that QB Justin Zwick is a bit hobbled, but it's probably not serious enough to affect him in the opener against Miami (OH). That game could be interesting. Miami has consistently been one of the better MAC programs over the last few years, has a veteran QB in Josh Betts and a spread offense well suited to get a lot of inexperienced Buckeye corners on the field.

I reiterate: Holy John Navarre, Batman.
They can never take our freedom! QB recruit David Cone, right, likes "The Patriot," says the Atlanta Journal-Constitution(AR). They also say he's one of the best 11 players in Georgia this year (damn well better be, is what I'm saying). Looks like the rest of Cone's high school is full of midgets who like Penn State a lot. Which would explain a lot about that record the last five years.

That's part of a photo spread with Georgia HS football players and their favorite movies. This is Marcus Ball as Samuel L. Jackson:

Mustache Thursday, bitches.

What a country!

More on the bouncing ball: Andy Katz says all aboard the Amaker bandwagon, pegging Michigan #30 next year:
The Wolverines should be one of the top teams in the Big Ten. We underscore should. The talent, if healthy, is in place with the return of Lester Abram, Dion Harris and Daniel Horton in the backcourt and a frontcourt of Chris Hunter, Brent Petway, Graham Brown and Courtney Sims. There really is no excuse for the Wolverines, if healthy again, to not be a factor all season.
This is Amaker's make or break year. He may get another if there's a disappointing season but it'll be really hard to convince recruits and fans that he's got what it takes to build a consistent program.

On the recruiting side of the fence, Chair has some more interesting WOTS over at PrepSpotlight(AR):
OK, Will or Tory -- who is U-M's 'Plan A'?

WOTS say it is MOST DEFINITELY Will Walker and this has made this abundantly clear to all parties involved. I can't stress this enough.

Dude. He who hesitates and flirts with Florida is lost, apparently. Chair also reiterates that Michigan is looking very good for '07 OH SF Chris Wright, who was #29 in the recently released Rivals 100 for 2007.