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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Oh, Media Day... you siren you. Everyone is talking and talking. After hearing Mike Hart say things and Chad Henne say things and everyone saying saying saying and everything to be wonderful miraculous and like 49-10 every game and eventually my brain just shuts down and this is the result:


Safari or UM Media Day? You make the call!

Article flood: Hart more Hart we should Tackle the Quarterback also Henne Hart we have Lofty Goals dude you're a Cynical Daily Guy Henne good Hart good(Blade article, sorry Tony) Carr Press Conference boring Offense Kickass sweet Grady Train annoying nickname South Bend fears Hart oh yeah Sam Sword, LB Coach Woodley Bring w00d destroy! Saginaw kids Womyn's Music Festival what? Carr no Retire 4 QBs going at it at NIU

Aaaaand then...

Shazor showed up. FYI.

Mark Hasty sort of weighs in on the whole Nancy Clark hubbub in fine fashion:
With one inflammatory column, Clark raised her profile by playing to the one advantage newsies know they have over bloggers: There is no piece of bait so stinky that some blogger somewhere won’t swallow it. (This, by the way, becomes Hasty’s Sixth Axiom of Blogging.)
Guilty. Hook, line, and sinker. Mmmm sinker. Hasty also points out a more measured look at the blog thing in the very same Des Moines Register:
The mainstream media are in a semi-panic over blogs. Many, perhaps most, news organizations are starting their own blogs to meet the perceived competition. Yet blogs for the most part do not originate news. They merely offer endless chatter about news that was originated somewhere else - mostly in newspapers.
Yes. mgoblog is a consumer of news, not a producer. I engulf the bits and process them into something (debatably) cool. Without the MSM there would be little to engulf. Why do we fight so? Symbiotic we are.