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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Injury roundup is extensive:

  • Ryan Mundy did not play against ND and Carr says "I just don't feel good about where Ryan is. He's not been able to practice like he needs to practice, so I am not optimistic there." Sounds like he is out a while.
  • Tim Jamison did not play against ND and his shoulder may keep him out a while longer.
  • Hart left the ND game with a hamstring issue and did not return. He won't play against EMU (unless Carr is insane) and is questionable past that.
  • Lentz missed a quarter against ND before returning.
  • Arrington is out for at least the next month, possibly two.
  • No word on Kolodziej that I know of but I doubt that his injury is going to magically disappear. He is on the new depth chart, so it's possble he returns for Wisconsin.
  • Massaquoi and Long, of course, are probably gone for the year.
Absolutely brutal. We're two games into the season.

Farooq? Georgia Sports, nee Paul Westerdawg, offers a report on Micah Johnson.

Michigan Monday is here. Orr touches on a number of things I'll discuss in Upon Further Review tomorrow and Thursday, so no comments for now. Russel at FO has his game recap up. Poor guy flew in to see that monstrosity.

I promise this isn't getting into that again,, but for your information Vijay at IBFC and MRG, a poster at mgoboard, have put in thoughtful critiques of this whole Gang of Six business. Vijay took a rhetorical approach, MRG a numerical one. I think they're both interesting, and that's all I think. Also, in somewhat related news, "Ultima Khan" sent me a collection of UM stats he put together. Enjoy.

No me gusta WOTS. PrepSpotlight says that basketball recruit Tom Herzog's final two are MSU and ND.