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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The impending lack of college football has driven the various denizens of the college football blogosphere insane. There's no other way to put it. Joey comes right out and says it after leaving a manic comment with a truly prodigious exclamation point count in the aftermath of the Carlos Brown commitment:

Carlos Brown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Shotgun with Henne flanked by Bass and Brown with Breaston coming on the end around.

So yeah... about that. Others flake out and do things like watch the New Orleans Katrina Bowl. Or write something on the order of 1,000 words about it, which happened at not one but two(!) blogs. SMQB has a ready-made excuse as a Southern Miss Alum, but even he says that...
Watchability Rating: SMQ is a diehard alumni with solid ties to one of these programs, and even he might opt for Gilmore Girls.
No such excuses for EDSBS, nor for comparing college football Real Media Hero Warren St. John to some other dude with an expensive looking haircut.

And then, uh... well... Joel Hollingsworth, who got bitched out for an inagural blogpoll ballot that was essentially a declaration of war on damn Yankees, has gone totally flapjack nuts with extra walnuts. Yeah: a flash movie staring Vol fans as "Vollum." The reasoning boils down to: "if SEC teams are overrated in the BlogPoll they will fail to achieve," which is flattering but mostly batshit insane. Then again, I think that accurately captures what my mental state would be if my team just lost to Vanderbilt.

Of note: I am not exempted. Apparently the prospect of an army of blue-clad, Full-Metal-Jacket-drilled kittens playing Sherman to whatever Georgia town you call home has terrified both Mayor Kyle King and Orson from EDSBS into rooting for the Wolverines in the (please don't remember the) Alamo Bowl. So if anyone needs a kitten army that's really good at burning things and stealing women and stuff, it's available for hire. Unless you're from the government, in which case I have no idea what all those cats are doing in my basement and demand that you find the perpetrator of this foul deed.

So that's why it's important to get to 7-4. The bowl gift limit got bumped up to 500 dollars this year--theoretically allowing every college football player in the nation to bring home an XBOX 360 for the holidays--but of all the bowls in all the halfass vacation destinations in all the world, only the Alamo decided to give it out as schwag. So we've got that going for us. This revelation spurred both Bleed Blue and White and RBUAS to great heights comparing and contrasting the various and sundry bowl prizes. Which is better? I declare blog deathmatch!

Not alone... not. alone. I would like to point out that The House Rock Built also has a kitten fixation. That is all.

Hopefully you will be joined by, like, other people. The Detroit News has a feature article on '07 shooting guard commitment Alex Legion. It would be nice if he got to play with a point guard and some tall guys, Tommy.