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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Rivals west coast guru dude Greg "Em" Biggins has posted once more on the fate of CA S Jonas Mouton:

In an earlier story, we wrote DB Jonas Mouton will be announcing tomorrow night at 6:30 on the Fox Sports HS show. That is now off as we're hearing that Mouton has committed earlier today to Michigan. We've heard this from two good sources close to Mouton and we'll be trying to confirm it with the horses mouth himself later this evening.
Sweet. There's some debate over whether Mouton will stick at safety or eventually move to WLB, but in either case he's still a guy rated in the Rivals 100 (#45), Scout 100 (#48), and ESPN 150 (#128). Mr. Burns says eeeexxcellent. Patterson and Mouton have committed; Rose and Matthews have dropped us; only DTs Jason Kates and Corey Peters remain on the board going ito signing day. Kates is looking good. Peters is still uncertain. Informative update on Mouton coming sometime tomorrow.