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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Update 1/11: Removed OLs Mark Jackson and Doug Stroud (not being recruited), QB Rick Stanzi, RB CJ Spiller, DE Jason Adjepong(VT), CB Devin Ross, LB Mike Morgan, S Ian Conyers. Moved LA CB Jai Eugene to committed. Added SC DT Adam Patterson, who just visited. Also added LA RB William Griffin.

Linked to free Scout article on Thaddeus Gibson in which Gibson is very explicit about his intentions:

"I 'd say there's a 65-70% chance I'll commit to Ohio State over the other programs."
Mentally moving him to the "written off" bin. Also linked to Scout article on Brandon Minor. Minor is noncommittal in the article, though he does get off this totally awesome quote:
"Coach (Lloyd) Carr was here on Jan. 3, and Coach (Phil) Fuhlmer was here on Jan. 4," he said. "They both told me how much they wanted me and stuff. I know that Michigan got a commitment from another running back, but that doesn't mean anything to me, I'll go in and play wherever I go."

Editorial Opinion: Most of the casualties were guys who mentioned Michigan once or twice and then never again. Only Adjepong actually got in for a visit. The Eugene commit is obviously very good. Check last weekend's article for more details.

That leaves a few pieces of news: we're in it for a random SC DT, Adam Patterson, who visited and came away quite impressed; Thad Gibson is probably going to Ohio State; Brandon Minor has Michigan in his leading group and Allen Wallace can't spell "Fulmer."

The projected loss of Gibson is no big deal since Michigan has either three or four linebackers in this class already, though he may prove a thorn in the side down the road. First he'll have to get his grades up. Minor seems interested in Michigan and the above quote indicates he isn't looking at Carlos Brown as a major negative. Some think Minor would be a fullback in college, but Michigan's recruiting him at TB. Patterson--a DE/DT tweener, BTW--still has four more official visits to go but is definitely interested.

For a more complete take on Michigan's recruiting efforts to date, check out IBFC's latest opus. I would just add this: with the departures of Martin and Gutierrez, the most commonly kicked around number of scholarships is 18. It's likely that a few fifth-year seniors do not return, however, and Michigan could take as many as 21 players. Michigan has 15 commits. Simple math (coughLloydcough) indicates 3-6 additional players.

Link a heah.