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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

More (tenuous) grist for the mill. Lynn Henning throws this line away at the end of a column called "The Buzz" (OMG young reader magnet!):

Michigan is about to change defensive coordinators...
I hope everyone likes speaking ENGLISH WINK WINK WINK. (<== clever allusion to rumors? we'll never know!) Also, Max Martin's transfer is official.

Meanwhile, people who don't know sexy from a dead penguin have declared the 2005 Automotion calender to have too much of said sexy when in reality it contains far too little. The "American Decency Organization" is pissed and totally lacking a copy editor or even the slightest idea what's going on in the world. Check it from their press release... here's a piece of evidence that world hell handbasket etc:
***The SuperBowl and Jannette Jackson (the wardrobe malfunction)
Figures. Though calling "Michael" something closer "Michelle" might work. And I would love to see an ADO boycott of the SuperBowl this year. After all, it's in DetRoit.

You can see for yourself: WARNING!!! PORNOGRAPHY!!! Hell, you can download the whole thing and set it up as your desktop background... but, really, it's disappointing. You'd think the American Decency Organization would have the, er, decency to trash something with, like, whips and perversion and stuff. Instead they attack the most innocuous, innocent pictures of B+/A- chicks in bikinis ever created. Go figure.

Speaking of perversion, move over "Tim Tebow Shirtless" because we have a new winner in the field of "creepiest search term used to reach MGoBlog"... drumroll please:

If you don't know what slash fiction is, er, check Wikipedia. And then enter the fetal position if necessary.

Speaking of Wikipedia, guess who's on the front page as the featured article? No, not me. It's The University Of Michigan. Quick, find something flabbergastingly useful to add!

Speaking of overuse of the segue "speaking of"... I got nothing. But I want you to know that I know. Now you know that I know you know.