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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Update 1/20: Added link to article on John Ferrara, another on Steve Schilling. Moved DE Quintin Woods to committed. Removed Aaron Gant (OSU).

Editorial Opinion: Woods' commit was expected once Michigan got interested in him. As previously mentioned, he focused mostly on basketball in high school before applying his 6'6" frame to the football field with excellent results as a senior--exactly the path freshman tight end Carson Butler took to Michigan. In fact, the coaches have apparently asked Woods about playing tight end if the DE thing doesn't work out: a veritable clone.

Woods is your quintessential sleeper--attended no camps or combines, didn't even play until his senior year--so there's almost no information on him out there. There's an article on a basketball game that mentions his football skills offhand, but that's it. In general, however, I prefer commits like Woods to guys who have been evaluated by the gurus and declared "meh." In this case, you have a player who's huge, fast, and totally raw. He has a high bust potential but a high ceiling. Woods is a mortal lock to redshirt.

Aaron Gant's commitment to OSU was surprising--he's the first OLSM kid with a commitable offer from Michigan to spurn it in a long time--but won't be damaging if Michigan secures California safety Jonas Mouton. Gant's like Woods, a sleeper, but has more experience and (reportedly) less crazy athleticism.

Link here.