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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Pocatello ahoy. The gem city (possibly... or is that Boise? Wait: I still don't care) of the gem state is abuzz with Matt Gutierrez Mania. Witness this epic brick longer than anything ever written about Gutz in his time at Michigan. The Idaho State Potatoes are pumped, baby!

It's a mystery to me why Jerame Tuman, Michigan's lone reliable offensive weapon in '97 and a primary reason Michigan became synonomous with the waggle, never had much of an NFL career. He's hung around with the Steelers since being drafted, but has a total of 35 catches in 7 years. That doesn't stop the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review from totally giving him a sloppy wet kiss in the wake of his totally awesome, er... tackle against Indianapolis.

While we're on the subject of 1997 (and why not, I say), thumping safety and SI cover-badass Marcus Ray is now coaching for Ohio Dominican University, though he looks more like an angry bowling ball of muscle than a safety now.

Also: Johnny gives Jason Avant a well-deserved paean; also compares Mike Hart to Galaga. Or maybe there was a different game called "Gallaga" that I missed.