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Monday, January 23, 2006

Update 1/23: Removed OT Sam Young(ND), LB Thaddeus Gibson(OSU), RB William Griffin(with Minor's commitment there's no room at the inn for RBs). Moved RB Brandon Minor to committed. Linked to Steve Schilling article and Dallas Morning News blog entry(!) on TX QB Nick Stephens.

Editorial Opinion: The blog entry has this hilarious little passage:

I 'm not one to read between the lines, especially when it comes to recruiting, but he did tell me: "I'm a Southern guy."
I'm not one to make fun of professional media people, but ha ha usuxor. It also says that a decision could come as soon as tonight.

You probably heard about Young; Gibson was discussed in this space earlier, and Minor got a big ol' post on Friday. Gibson is not a big loss to the recruiting class what with the four linebackers already committed, but losing Young means we're battling home-state schools and USC for Steve Schilling and Daron Rose... um... bad.

Link here.