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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Orson penned an ode to YouTube earlier in the week that I second, mainly because the "embed this" code makes blog video a simple matter of C&P. Today's find is amateur footage of Tuesday's improbable Dion Harris gamewinner. Observe:

That's eerily reminscent of Brendan Loy's video from the end of the USC-Notre Dame game. The above is the equivalent of the first video in which the Irish students rush the field in a Papist flood reminiscent of some historical incident which my readers will no doubt correct me on within six nanoseconds*. Say the... uh... third crusade(?). Yet to be found is the analog to the second video, which featured stunned Irish fans moments after the Bush Push. Not that I looped that for a solid week last fall. Five days, tops.

Anyway: in this hypothetical conclusion, the guy who screams like he's being eaten by a bear realizes that this is still the NIT and Jerrett Smith is the starting point guard next year. Even the bear gets depressed.

Still, that's more fun than the other way around, and it's spurred RBUAS to wax poetic. Tonight we get a rematch against Miami. As Joey says:
This is like one of those video games in which at the end, you have to defeat all of the bosses you've already beaten throughout the game.
TV is ESPNU, unfortunately, so no one will actually see the game.

Update: Maize 'n' Brew also discusses the rainbow.

*(You mean you missed yesterday's panel discussion on the Eastern Front in 1941? You missed out.)

(HT on the video: Third and Five)