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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Update 3/29: Added CA RB Marc Tyler. Linked to (fairly content free) John Clay profile -- he's good. Also found an unexpected bounty of interesting information at HornFans. Check IBFC for some analysis of Ryan Mallet's situation; there's also a huge post on Clay from one of the proprietors of More Mallet: opening it up? Still Texas and Michigan only? It is the mystery.

Editorial Opinion: Tyler's been listing us for a while, but I've refrained from adding him because I think he's an extreme longshot. His father played at UCLA. He's from California. He goes to the same school as Jimmy Clausen, who will attend either USC or ND, and lists both of those schools. He plans on taking an official, though...

“Michigan is another school I like," he said. "I don’t know a whole lot about the place. They’ve had a lot of great guys come out of there. Plus, Coach (Lloyd) Carr is such a great coach. It would be great to play for him. I want to take an official visit out there for sure so I can see for myself what they have to offer.
... so on the board he goes.

Relevant excerpt from the post on John Clay:
I work for a high school football site out of Wisconsin and I've actually had a phone interview with John Clay in the past. ...

John Clay is probably the best player ever to come out of Wisconsin high school football. He not only is one of the top RB's in the nation, but he is also the top DE in Wisconsin. I have his film and his combination of size and speed is just amazing. He was named 1st team all-state as a sophomore (very rare in Wisconsin), and then named the state POY as a junior. ...

Clay has scholarship offers from Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska and Ohio State. He is expecting another one soon from Michigan.

In my phone interview with Clay, which I believe was in January, he told me he would like to stay in "Big Ten Country." I was told he grew up as both a Wisconsin and Michigan fan. In the past he has attended Wisconsin's camp and attended their Junior Day. He also plans on visiting Michigan sometime in the near future with teammate Matt Simmons.

According to Simmons, the writer of the article about Clay and Texas kind of chopped his comments up and Clay wasn't too happy with the result.

Personally I think all signs are pointing to Clay ending up at Wisconsin or Michigan. He grew up as a fan of both. He is also close to his parents and so he would either be staying in-state, or attending a collge that isn't too far away.
The site he references is, which looks fairly serious. Call it UV3, since the information about Clay's eventual destination is only a third party's speculation, but in terms of Internets credibility that's at least a four.

Mallet... well, this is probably a great example of recruiting excess that shouldn't be given attention, but depending on who you talk to he's "opening it up" or "not opening anything it all." This has caused needless consternation and likely means precisely nothing. What is interesting is another thread from on Mallet's situation:
I just spoke with a close friend of Ryan's mom who said that she had spoken with Mrs Mallet this morning. Word is that they're "not too happy with Texas". Said that "they" gave them 24 hours to accept/reject the offer.
That would be good.

(HT to IBFC, which first brought it to general attention.)

All this is FWIW; I think the general opinion of the Internets is that Mallet is going to Michigan and any other result would be a shock. Disclaimer: shocks happen.