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Thursday, March 30, 2006

A note: yes, I saw the Sharp article, and yes, it is beneath comment. If you subscribe to the Free Press, you support this man's salary. You should stop.

We have a winner. For not going blue (a sin I myself was guilty of), being apropos, and mocking an extremely deserving target, UM SQuad is the winner of the inaugural MGoBlog Caption Contest:

"Hey everyone, look at my impression of Kellen Winslow on a motorcycle"

We also would have accepted "Jay Williams." SQuad gets this bag of absolutely nothing.

History will be made tonight when South Carolina meets Michigan for the prestigious NIT championship at Madison Square Garden. Which titanic, er, titan of the hardwood will win the nation's admiration and respect? Which team will proudly hang a banner in front of a throng of fervent supporters next fall? Which team gets the free hats? Find out tonight at 7PM on ESPN... a significant portion of the world will be watching.

Meanwhile, if you seek NIT coverage galore look no further than the blogosphere. While the Detroit papers are content to mock and ignore, the blogs mock and attend, which makes all the difference. This applies to Johnny at RBUAS literally, as dude is going to be rocking a press pass at MSG this very night. He promises blowout coverage unparalleled anywhere and references to empty bras. Chris Dilks (also of WCH) manages to turn in an irony-free column about enjoying this NIT run -- to my knowledge an accomplishment unmatched anywhere in the media, mainstream or not.

(Probably) the last links to this Cowherd thing: The House Rock Built took a break from diagramming Charlie Weis's innovative small intestine to write the definitive We Is Blogs And We Is Stayin' article; Salon's King Kaufman interviews Benny & Yost (warning: creepy Basic Instinct ad) from the MZone.

Etc: User-submitted photoshop machinations from the NIT; Jalen Rose is pro-Michigan, yessir, but Maurice Taylor furthers my insatiable need to kick him in the nuts:
"We're loyal," Taylor said. "That's the difference. We're loyal."
AAAAAARGH. Your loyalty was a major component of the disaster the last eight years have been, you twat. (via The Diag, now officially a quasi-blog for having no external links, linking only to major media stories, and having no comments).