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Monday, July 24, 2006

These words are not minced. Not even chopped. Bill Martin on Crisler Arena:

"Our basketball coaches are struggling with a second-rate facility,'' Martin said. "It's in dire need of upgrading.''
Yow. Ammunition for the baskeball facilities wars, no doubt, but possibly just empty talk given the vast array of athletic department construction already planned for the next few years. Lining up donors for basketball has proven much more difficult than for football or even baseball, which will have a new stadium this year.

What? Mattias Askew is in the NFL? Sure, sure, he just got tasered because he didn't want to move his car but the real question is: Mattias Askew is in the NFL? A player from one of John L. Smith's defenses is currently being paid by a professional football team?

(Via Deadspin)

The Apocalypse: coming. The first sign was the Whitlock column in which he eviscerated Scoop Jackson. The second: Askew. The third: College Football News giving a shiv to Notre Dame, ranking them 18th and pointing out those uncomfortable facts about the pass rush, secondary, and last year's strength of schedule. Personally, I think 18th is flashily contrarian -- I'll probably rank them around 8 or 10 in the preseason BlogPoll -- but credit must be given to CFN for doing something other than tongue-bathing enormously fat head coach Charlie Weis. (via College Footblog)

Etc: Ty Law is a Chief.