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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Score one for unsubstantiated Internet rumors... and one for actual reporting, too. Intrepid Marc Snyder of the Free Press went straight to Boren and Kolo's parents to get the scoop on their situations. Boren's injury is not as bad as initially speculated:

"Basically he did sprain his ankle -- it's the same as a sprained ankle," Mike Boren, who played football at U-M from 1980-83, said Wednesday. "He's doing what he can do. I don't know how long he'll be out, but he did not break his ankle." ...

"He's not in a cast and he's not going to have surgery," Mike Boren said. "It could be three weeks, who knows? But it's nothing that serious."
Kolodziej's mother was less helpfully specific; this is the only reference to his situation:
His mother, Cindy, would not discuss her son's condition other than to say it might compromise his career.
So that's vague, but something of a confirmation. With rumors of another lineman getting dinged you might see redshirt freshman Mark Ortmann sooner rather than later.