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Monday, August 07, 2006

Courtesy of The Wolverine. Newsworthy bits summarized below:

  • DE/TE recruit Quintin Woods hasn't shown up yet due to a clearinghouse issue. DT Marques Slocum is also not on campus, having failed to get a qualifying test score after a long struggle. Slocum is in the process of an appeal, but he is a longshot to enroll at this point. Woods will probably end up on campus sooner or later. (<-- speculation)
  • The offensive line is almost set. From left to right: Jake Long, Adam Kraus, Mark Bihl, ?, ?. One "?" will be senior Rueben Riley. If Mike Kolodziej is the fifth-best lineman Riley will play RG and Kolodziej RT; if one of the guards (Cuilla or Mitchell) is the best option, Riley will play RT.
  • First player out of Carr's mouth when asked about the WRs was "underrated" Carl Tabb. Also getting plugged as a player with potential was drop-prone Doug Dutch, twice mentioned as a player with a lot of ability who needs to "step up."
  • Carr continues to scare the crap out of me by mentioning Leon Hall as the primary backup to Breaston in the return game. Carlos Brown was also mentioned.
  • Zoltan The Inconceivable is pushing Ross Ryan for the punting job. This is one area where I think Carr's focus on safety is correct strategically and wouldn't mind seeing Ryan handle the punting for a second year, as his ugly, short punts were almost totally unreturnable. ZTI's Heisman will have to wait a year... probably.
  • Shawn Crable's slow start last year was due to him being a "huge disappointment" in training camp. He expected the job, didn't put in the effort and was relegated to the bench.
  • Kevin Grady is going to be "much improved," having lost a bit of weight. Carr expects him to "hit the hole quicker and be better in the secondary."
  • The much-discussed offensive line slimming got some additional airtime. Nothing terribly important was said, but Internet rumblings indicate a major shift in Michigan's running philosophy is on the way. Think Fred Russel.
  • Somewhat frighteningly, Ryan Mundy's name keeps popping up as a candidate for playing time. I suppose it's good if he can wade his way through the four guys who started games a year ago, but the dread spectre of Yards After Mundy lurks.
  • "Tremendous" watch: we've got two! Terrance Taylor has made "tremendous strides" in strength and workout ability. He is going to start opposite Branch. Also, Steve Breaston is a "tremendously committed athlete."
Update: MGoBlue has a veritable bevy of player quotes.