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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Media Day orgy-type substance: Stadium & Main has linked the torrent of News/Freep/MGoBlue articles from yesterday's Media Day in one convenient post. Larry Lage has an AP article that again brings up the skinny bit:

Kevin Grady ran on the Michigan golf course so often during the offseason that he lost 11 pounds.

"We went up and down about four holes, and that's not as easy as it sounds," the running back said Monday at media day. "I feel a lot different endurance-wise. I feel like I can do some things I wasn't able to do last year."

Jake Long dropped 20 pounds, pushing himself away from the dinner table and into more workouts. Long hopes it will help him stay healthy and aid his transition from right to left tackle on the offensive line.
&c &c &c. A ploy to confuse women into watching, thinking that football is the new season of Desperate Housewives? Perhaps. More likely: an indication that the running game is changing. MLive echoes the weight loss yodeling -- noted bikini candidates include Grady, Alex Mitchell, Dave Harris, and Alan Branch; The Blade has an article on Hart; the South Bend Tribune cites Chad Henne's "new beard and re-sculpted body" in the lead -- yow!; Bass "not concerned at all" about potential career-endingness of knee injury; The Flint Journal profiles Jake Long.

Most important quote ever. Debord:
"I think you have to be more aggressive today," said DeBord, who also was the Wolverines' offensive coordinator in 1997-99.

"In `97, our whole thing was we want to control the ball and really continue to get first downs, three yards here, four yards here, five yards here. We were really trying to control it. But now you have to score. You have to put the ball down the field a little bit more than what we did then."
Brandon Harrison is returning to corner. From that same article:
Yet when injuries hit Michigan's secondary during the season, he moved to safety and played well.

Now he's headed back to corner to compete for the starter's spot opposite Leon Hall .

"There's a lot of competition at the other corner spot," he said, referring to Charles Stewart , Johnny Sears and Morgan Trent . "Instead of covering tight ends, I'll be covering receivers. ... I didn't think I was going to get switched back, but I'm glad to help the team."
The move makes a lot of sense with four experienced safeties -- Engelmon, Mundy, Barringer, and Adams -- returning but only two cornerbacks doing likewise, one of whom is getting pushed down the depth chart. Harrison showed that he was fast as all git out last year but overran a couple plays that lead to big gains and opposition touchdowns. He's got the hips and speed for press man over a slot receiver; I would expect him to see a lot of time in third-and-medium nickel packages.

Oh, yes. Aaaaaand now: Media Day OMG pepper banana pickle carrot!

Mark May Be Wrong exists; check horrifyingly in-depth AP poll analysis; Deadspin highlights another terrifying woman who is A) a family member of a recently "graduated" Buckeye who went in the first round and B) is not Laura Quinn; SI On Campus says we have the best fight song. Like OMG duh.