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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Memorize this phone number:

(312) 239-0841

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to get hammered at some point during the season, call it, and leave a profane message directed at the college football antagonist of your choice.

Not dead yet: Antonio Bass. Sam Webb -- a GBW writer I have no problems with, for the record -- has an article on the star-crossed wideout's status. Money graf:
"I'm having a basic knee test just to check my whole knee…to check out everything to see if everything is going right and if everything is going as good as it possibly can," Bass explained. "That's all it really is. It's like the whole knee procedure. It's like a checkup. I'm not concerned at all. I'll be back next year and I'll be back better than ever."
The "basic knee test" Bass refers to was the source of much consternation when Carr referred to it as a make-or-break examination that would determine Bass' fate. We won't really know if he's going to return to full health until he steps on the field next year but at this point it sounds like he'll be given the opportunity to do so.

Also not dead yet: Anthony Thomas. The former rookie of the year has found something of a home in Buffalo:
There's one running back on the [Bills] roster who I fully expect to eat into McGahee's workload. Former two-time 1,000-yard rusher Anthony Thomas had his best seasons in Chicago under Dick Jauron and appears set to become a factor on the field once again after two lost seasons. He looked quicker than I've seen him since his days with the Michigan Wolverines and hit the corner on sweeps with power and authority, even seeking out contact downfield.

... There's some speculation that Jauron will give his former No. 1 back a shot to become a goal-line vulture.
Rivals has re-ranked their 2007 basketball 150. Alex Legion moves down to #38 but Manny Harris moves up to #36. Kelvin Grady is still not listed, which is not a surprise.

I fail at the Internet. Diet Coke + Mentos == EXPLOSIONS!!! I am so, so out of touch: NPR beat me to this by months. Radio about exploding soda? What is this, 1925?

Etc.: Jim Carty on Kolodziej; Vijay digs up video from... 1903(!); Ohio State tight end Marcel Frost -- the projected starter -- has been suspended for the entire season. Reason given: "violating team rules."