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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Okay, what with all the jumpin' and the jivin' and the hippin' and the hoppin' over the past couple days there has been a massive backlog of things I want to link to. Quickly, then.

If you hate the new clock rules, and everyone except Bruce Ciskie does, head over to conveniently-named We Hate The New Clock Rules and sign yourself a petition. Will it do any good? Eh, probably not. Can't hurt, though.

MaxwellPundit Week 1 results are out. Am I really one of but two people voting for Calvin Johnson? Say what?

Michigan-Vandy Blogo-roundup: I got killed by commenters for linking to this guy before, but I do like his photoshop work:

Anyone who ceased checking RBUAS during its summer doldrums hiatus, be advised Johnny is back and kicking with a really frightening post featuring quotes about a mysterious man:
After seeing how successful Michigan was playing with such abandon, it makes you wonder why fans haven't seen that sort of aggression in the past.

"That's how I was raised to play defense," (____) said. "Playing hard, playing together and playing aggressively. That was Michigan defense."
Guess who?

Dangerous Logic has a selection of Youtube highlight reels; Yost Built urges calm; Maize 'n' Brew grades everything; Schembechler Hall is back and still ornery.

Law professors are Internet nuts, too. Paul Campos has an entertaining column in the Rocky Mountain News on his conversion from civilian to one of those Internet people. I won't spoil the punchline by excerpting.

Etc.: It's mostly an Oilers blog, but Mudcrutch's Red Wings preview allows me the opportunity to link to him and tell you that if you read hockey blogs you must read his; The Georgia Sports Blog has a hilarious report on UGA's new "family friendly" zones, which are about as populated as the demilitarized zone; Lloyd Carr is Iron Coach Boring.