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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

If you're wondering where all the Kamoku-related rage is... it's on AOL. Video of the incident and a post wherein Bret Bielema is castigated for letting a punt-coverage scrub get away with that reprehensible act scot free. Especially because he's only a punt-coverage scrub and the next game for UW is freakin' Indiana. Way to be awesome, Bielema!

Perspective: Badger Tracker provides a series of bullet points from a Wisconsin perspective. If it's any consolation, BT, every team that's played Michigan so far this year has come out of the game believing its offensive line to be inept. Michigan Monday has the OSU take; SMQ ("SMQ is more confident at this early stage about the Wolverines than any of the other current mythical championship frontrunners") and EDSBS ("In nine months, “Ron English ______ “will begin popping up in the birth registers around Ann Arbor, just as “Jim Herrmann” suddenly gained popularity as a name for abused pet cats and individual pieces of toilet paper in the area last year") chip in frighteningly positive neutral viewpoints.

Also: Sam from BC&RS has a photoset from the game.

Oh, snap. Vijay is living on pure ND rageohol these days. First: oh, snap, referee complaining all up in your face. Now he eviscerates the "9-3 isn't good enough... unless you're Michigan" meme. (Is it really a meme if it's too retarded to be real? Can I call it a "reme"?) Said post contains one of those sentences that wraps up a complicated situation with a neat little bow:

Notre Dame fans taunt Michigan because our accomplishments aren't as lofty as their pipe dreams.
Yes. Yes, that's exactly why the frankly incredible condescension that radiates from many Domer fans grates so. This is a Read The Whole Thing Situation: there is much goodness within.

While we're on Notre Dame, Jon Chait has an article on Irish lore in The New Republic.

Etc.: Crazy anti-luxury box guy isn't giving up; Hey Jenny Slater commits toaster abuse because of college football.