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Tuesday, September 19, 2006


  • RUEBEN RILEY: Was fine -- not great, but fine -- against Victor Abiamiri. Gave Henne enough time to bomb to Mario once, twice, three times a touchdown.
  • KICKOFF COVERAGE: Notre Dame got no good returns and fumbled once on their ten (ten! HA!) opportunities to return kickoffs.
  • STEVE BREASTON'S TRAITOROUS HANDS: I have to put something from the team on notice, don't I? Steve's dropped slant is about the only thing that can be seriously pointed at as a major difficulty.
  • THE NATION: Awwww yeah.
  • WEIS E. COYOTE: Now the nickname can return. Look, here's his card: it says "Super Genius." Look, the picture has gone all freeze-frame: it says Coachus Arrogantus in faux-latin at the bottom of the screen. Look: 47-21.
  • PUNTING (IN GENERAL): Dude, like, Zoltan, you're totally harshing my Space Emperor buzz with those 37-yard ducks.