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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Further DVR issues mean a UFR delay; apologies. Tomorrow.


  • RULE 3-2-5E: I was silently thankful for the rule changes during the Northwestern game; they may have prevented my feet from freezing solid and falling off.
  • BRIAN HOYER: Making room for another.
  • MARIO'S TRAITOROUS KNEE: Is getting less traitorous by the day. He's praticing and may return this weekend.
  • TRAITOROUS WR LIMBS: In general: Mario's leg, Breaston's arms, Bass's leg, and if you'd like to throw in Ecker's leg, Massey's arm, and Arrington's head (not technically a "limb," though) go right ahead.
  • RUNRUNRUNRUNRUN: It's dull, it hurts our offense, and it could break Mike Hart if we do it too much before OSU.
  • OCTOBER: I'm fairly sure that the weather has been uniformly overcast and miserable for something like three weeks now.