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Monday, November 06, 2006

1 Ohio State --
2 Michigan --
3 California 2
4 Florida 1
5 Louisville 9
6 Southern Cal --
7 Texas 2
8 Arkansas 2
9 Notre Dame 2
10 West Virginia 2
11 Wisconsin 1
12 Auburn 5
13 Rutgers 2
14 LSU 6
15 Tennessee 11
16 Boise State 6
17 Oklahoma --
18 Clemson 2
19 Wake Forest 7
20 Georgia Tech 2
21 Texas A&M --
22 Oregon 4
23 Nebraska 3
24 Virginia Tech 5
25 Maryland 1

Dropped Out: Boston College (#13), Missouri (#23), Washington State (#24), Brigham Young (#25).

Saw: WVU-UL; Michigan-Ball State (yow!); OSU-Illinois; Tenn-LSU; Texas-Okie State; Arkansas-South Carolina.

  • Uh... well, it's like this. Many people saw the UL-WVU game as cosmic proof that the Big East teams were terrible and utterly defense-free and said as much. Apparently none of these people vote in polls. IMO, that game was tennis where serve was broken once on West Virginia's disastrous backwards drive in the third quarter that ended with a shanked punt returned for an easy touchdown. Many of Louisville's yards came on wide-open post routes over the middle -- 'Eer linebackers are apparently prohibited from not biting viciously on even the most token of play fakes -- they could not even think about stopping Steve Slaton, and only a fluky spree of turnovers gave them the comfortable margin they maintained by holding serve against the aforementioned bitin' linebackers.

    Are both these teams real good? Yes. Are they incredibly good? Well... maybe. I am less eager to punish WVU and elevate UL for a game that seemed virtually equal both in yardage and my head.
  • No doubt a controversial minority will elevate UL over Michigan because of the close game against Ball State, ignoring the other nine games both teams have played and, for that matter, the Ball State game itself, in which Michigan outgained BSU by 200 yards and was only threatened because of a dogged determination to rest the starters before the game was actually put away. Hell, while you're at elevating Louisville to heights undreamt, why not put them #1? After all, Illinois is just about as bad as Ball State and OSU was actually outgained by the Illini.

    UL at #2 is movement for movement's sake.
  • Arkansas runs a high school offense, but I mean that in the nicest way possible. Somehow they've cobbled together a system that takes a non-functional quarterback and three completely insane athletes (Marcus Monk, Darren McFadden, and Felix Jones) and gets them running past stunned defenders via some strange formation and playcall alchemy that turns inevitably-doomed Incredibly Surprising Quarterback Draws into actually surprising quarterback sweeps, counters, reverses, options, and the like. The overall effect is a low-rent system flooded with electricity in the form of impossibly fast guy and the hazy memory of a Division-C state championship game from long ago.

    They still don't have a quarterback. But I'm sold anyway.
  • Auburn! I'm tired of your close calls against mediocre opponents. I'm tired of your three-score loss to a team I had ranked below you. You're down five, and don't you forget it.
  • I think I need to restore BC somewhere late.