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Monday, November 06, 2006

Ron gone? Your hackier local media types (Pat Caputo and Drew Sharp, if you're wondering) have been promoting Ron English as Sparty's next head coach, causing all sorts of mild panic amongst the Internet fanbase. Personally, I gave little credence to the idea even when the LSJ picked it up and message board insiders rumbled about it: English is a lose-lose proposition for Michigan State. If he fails, he fails and the school looks ridiculous for hiring a guy with one year of experience as a coordinator. If he succeeds, he's going to get snapped up by Michigan or some other school as quick as you can say "Saban." As a young, dynamic recruiter Without any ties to Michigan State or the area, a better job offer would come quickly and be accepted. Sure, there's a Citrus bowl in there somewhere for you but the chances of a Ron English coaching tenure long enough to be called an "Era" are zero.

So this isn't much of a surprise, though you might want to look upon it with a skeptical eye, as I'm pretty sure Roger Brown is Cleveland's Rob Parker:

Look for Browns defensive coordinator Todd Grantham to become the No. 1 candidate for Michigan State's head-coaching job when John L. Smith leaves after this season - provided that former NFL head coach Steve Mariucci, a Michigan native, turns down the MSU job. Grantham was a Michigan State assistant coach from 1996 to 1998.

Creepy quote from Bo on his recent hospital visit:
"When I was in the ambulance, I've got to admit, I wasn't so sure ... that I'd make it. I really wasn't," Schembechler told The Detroit News. "I was thinking, 'This thing is going to take me.' I snapped back out of that."
Of note: Bo's 77, the same age as Bobby Bowden and two years younger than Joe Paterno. His retirement could be featured on "I Love The 80s."

Projected line for OSU: -7? That was before this weekend's close calls, but there you go:
“My first thought would be Ohio State -8 or -8 ½,” says professional oddsmaker Keith Glantz. “But that would probably be a ‘take’ with the wise guys so maybe OSU -7 ½ would be better. Make that -7 if wide receiver (Mario) Manningham returns 100 percent for the game.”
If that seems high you're not alone:
“To me a 7 or 7 ½ looks high, but it is consistent with what we have seen all season – Michigan has generated more profits for us than any other Division I team, and the betting markets still do not realize how good they are,” says Covers Expert David Malinsky. “A ‘true’ line based on the abilities of the teams, and not the public perceptions, would be around -4 or -4 ½. I expect to see it in the -6 range at kickoff.”

Etc.: Michgian Monday blows off last weekend entirely; the Indianapolis Star takes a look at the Big Ten's refusal to schedule games after Thanksgiving; What The Deuce looks at the NW game and summarizes the case against boredom.