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Monday, April 16, 2007

Rivals is reporting that Alex Legion has asked out of his LOI...

"We have had several discussions with Alex and his family and they have expressed an interest in opening his recruitment," said Beilein. "We understand his situation and encouraged him to do so, giving Alex his unconditional release. We will continue to have dialogue with Alex and his family throughout this process.
... and that Reed Baker, Rainmaker, has left the team. Interesting note from the Rivals article:
"With the fact that Reed's financial aid package had expired, he has decided to look into other options for his playing career," said Beilein. "We have encouraged Reed to do so and will do whatever we can to help him with that process. We wish him nothing but the best in the future."
Apparently his ride was a one-year only deal? All scholarships are technically year-to-year, but the way Beilein phrased it made it sound like this was a prearranged one-year deal. Anyone who wants a Reed Baker, Rainmaker shirt for old-time's sake can get one in the MGoStore for another week or so. Just my luck that I fix those just in time for him to leave the team.

No word yet on whether or not Michigan will seek immediate help. There's not much out there if they choose to. WVU signee John Flowers reaffirmed his commitment a few days ago and almost everyone else is already locked up.