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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Update 4/15: Added a legend. Some small changes: all of our little projection icons have names. Mr. Blue, previously reserved for Michigan commitments, is now deployed for players like Marcus Witherspoon (please note latest Rivals article from the PSU site: "Witherspoon has heart set on Big Ten school"; it's not PSU) and Fred Smith who are highly likely to end up Michigan commits and -- this has key -- have said as much publicly. Hopefully no Rojo types end up in this categorization, but no guarantees are provided. There's a new icon, Sad Josh, used for guys who have expressed an interest that Michigan does not seem to reciprocate. With the clarifications and such several players have been moved into new categories. Smith and Witherspoon get Mr. Blue. Deboskie gets a green now that there's a separate category for players who are expected to end up at Michigan. A bunch of players got shoved into Sad Josh. Er.

Added MI DT Mike Martin. Linked to stories on OH TE Kevin Koger, CA QB Dayne Crist (header for second is not good), IN OL Kurt Wermers, IL DE Darius Fleming, some video of OH OL Elliot Mealer. Removed FL LB Nigel Bradham (FSU), CA CB Robert Golden (we don't seem that interested, and neither does he).

Editorial Opinion: For the record, the new legend.

Sad Josh
The genre of player with unrequited interest in Michigan. Unlikely to receive offers; most will eventually fade off the list and go to Duke or Michigan State or something.
Nefarious Eduardo
Player is a longshot. Either they've declared someone else a leader publicly or popular opinion holds that they're likely to go to another school.
Either no opinion or Michigan is one of a fairly even group of chasing schools. Players in this category maintain no leader or change their leader frequently. The default category for players that we don't know much about yet.
Happy Teeth
Players who have Michigan in a small leading group or have Michigan as a tenuous favorite. Should be regarded as a good shot, not a slam dunk.
Mr. Blue
Player is either a verbal or is expected to be one sooner or later. Players with this designation are 65%+ to be Michigan commits.

I was having a hard time determining just what the green meant previously and there were a lot of Datas who had mentioned Michigan in some article or another but weren't likely to end up at Michigan. These categories seem to cover all the bases, though I'm considering some sort of confused icon for the Barksdales of the world, who change with the wind, or the Will Hills, who never talk to anyone. Many players moved around on the latest edition of the board; too many to list here; some interesting ones follow.

The two uncommitted blues on the board are MI WR Fred Smith, who had that USAToday article (a reprint from Rivals) and NJ LB Marcus Witherspoon, who's been telling everyone who runs across him that he's gone Johansson over Michigan no matter their affiliation.

CA QB Dayne Crist lists us but hasn't visited and wants to make a decision in the next couple weeks. Not coming here. Probably USC.

MI DT Mike Martin is drawing comparisons to Terrance Taylor. As a squat, powerful defensive tackle who also happens to be a state champion wrestler, this is not unexpected. May have to wait for camp to get an offer.

Full board here.