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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Update 10/8: Linked to articles on CA DT Jurrell Casey (mentions CA S Vaughn Telemaque), TX S Keanon Cooper, PA HB Christian Wilson (second), NJ S Brandon Smith.

Editorial Opinion: Woo nothin' happenin'! Two notes that don't show up above: long-discarded OH OT Zebrie Sanders took an unofficial to the thrilling EMU game, and Michigan has started looking at Traverse City kicker John Potter, a teammate of Dann O'Neill. Both sides will wait to see what the situation is.

There is good news on the safety front; CA S Vaughn Telemaque -- a three star but the rare three star with an offer from USC -- is still seriously considering Michigan and might (is probably)? even still favoring M. This from an article on his Long Beach Poly teammate Jurrell Casey:

"I'll probably try to make my announcement sometime before the holidays," he said. "Me and (teammate and close friend) Vaughn Telemaque (recently offered by USC) have talked about making our announcement together on FSN (Fox Sports Network).

"We're good friends and we've talked about going to the same school together, but I know he likes Michigan and I like USC, so it may not happen. It's just cool to have somebody to talk to who is also going through the same stuff. We're just trying to have fun with recruiting and not rush it."

Well all right, then(!). Given the performance of our current Jackrabbit sporting a USC offer, adding Telemaque would be excellent; hopefully Casey's forecast is correct.

Meanwhile, NJ S Brandon Smith took a trip to Colorado for the Oklahoma game. It's always good when an article purportedly about another team starts off like this:

Growing up, Smith says he followed Michigan. "My visit was great," he said. "I really liked the atmosphere there. The stadium is huge and I think it's the biggest in college football. It gets really loud and the fans get really into it. It's a college town so it's all about Michigan football there."

The Wolverines upset Penn State when Smith visited. "Michigan is bouncing back well since their early loss," he said. "They have a great coach in Lloyd Carr and great players and I knew they'd do it."

The Wolverines are the lone team that is recruiting Smith for safety. Everyone else is recruiting him as an athlete.

"It's gorgeous in Colorado," he said. "I loved how beautiful the campus is and how nice all the surroundings are. It's not really a college town quite like Michigan, but it's still a great place and the fans are great too.
Aaaand then:
Although Smith says he doesn't have any real favorites beyond Michigan and Colorado, he admits that South Carolina has impressed him the most so far this season.
Smith's also changed his commitment plans from a Signing Day press conference to an announcement at the Army game.

So... three mentions of Michigan, no mentions of Rutgers, the school presumed to be Michigan's primary competition for Smith, and a visit to Colorado -- a school that strikes no fear into this intrepid reporter's heart given how down they've been for a while, their distance from Smith's hometown, and the lack of that childhood-fan thing. Very positive update there.

TX S Keanon Cooper is visiting this weekend:
The Gophers now lead slightly over Wisconsin, Alabama, Texas Tech, Oklahoma and Michigan. Cooper says he plans to visit Michigan for the Purdue game on Oct. 13, but the date isn't 100 percent yet. "It's not official yet," he said. "I really want to see what the game time experience is like at Michigan and get a feel for the whole school. They seem to have gotten back on track this season and the coaches are really coming after me hard."
Can't imagine that Minnesota maintains its slight lead after he gets done visiting; Michigan's got a good shot here, too.

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