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Friday, January 04, 2008

Definitely coming: This morning, WVU AD Ed Pastilong told something called a Hoppy Kercheval that QB coach Rod Smith and OL coach Greg Frey were leaving for Michigan. That's as official as it gets.

"Expected" to come: The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette says Rodriguez has locked down two of the three main targets:

In addition to the expected exit of assistant head coach and offensive coordinator Calvin Magee, who attended Rodriguez's introductory news conference Dec. 17 and then returned to help the Mountaineers upset Oklahoma, 48-28, in the Fiesta Bowl, the entire weightlifting staff and at least one other offensive assistant are poised to go, too.

Strength and conditioning director Mike Barwis, considered critical to the Mountaineers' rise to a Top 10 program, is expected to take director of skill development Chris Allen plus assistant strength coaches Parker Whitman and Kenato Tamura to Michigan.

The article says DC Jeff Casteel and safeties coach Bruce Tall are on the fence.

Er... wait one second on Barwis. The local Morgantown paper is subscriber-only, but various WVU message boards are reporting an article in it today with this quote:
“I’d love to stay,” Barwis said. “I think West Virginia is in a great situation as far as where the program is. I love the state, it’s where my wife’s from and I’d love to be there next year.

“I think this is the best thing that could have happened to the program. Coach Stew is a man who’s a proven leader, the kids respect him, coaching staff respects him, I’m happy for him and his family.”
Some WVU fans celebrate this as "Barwis staying!" while others note that doesn't sound concrete, which it doesn't; there are further people saying that the article was definitive. Not sure which article is more current.

Not coming: At least one offensive assistant yet to be determined, TEs/special teams coach Bill Stewart, and DL coach Bill Kirelavich.

Status as of now:

Head CoachRich RodriguezWill be taped to state capitol building if he ever returns to WVU; pretty solid.
OCMike MageeCame with RR to introductory presser, mentioned in Post-Gazette article; very solid.
QBsRod SmithWVU AD said so; 100%.
RBs(?)Fred JacksonObviously on the staff, but some consternation about where, exactly, he'll coach as Magee did RBs at WVU. Magee was a TE in his playing days and has coached the postion before; maybe they'll move his responsibilities with Stewart playing Bobby Williams at WVU. Think he'll stay at RB.
WRsTony Dews? Soup Campbell?No idea. Dews may be in line for a promotion if he stays and seems amongst the more interested in the idea; Campbell has put out a steady stream of NFLers.
OLGreg FreyLike Smith, 100%
DCJeff CasteelEnglish is gone to Louisville and Rodriguez has said he would like to import the 3-3-5 that Casteel's developed; he would be the guy for the job. Reportedly considering an offer to stay at WVU, though. Alternative: Tenuta? Doubtful.
DLSteve Stripling(?)It won't be the WVU guy, so this is an obvious spot to hire one of the better-respected members of the Michigan staff back for some extra continuity.
LBs?Casteel also coaches linebackers, so if he comes that will be squared away. If he doesn't this is likely to be an outside hire.
CBsTony GibsonGibson has been employed by Michigan since the introductory press conference.
SafetiesBruce TallRodriguez wants Tall on his Michigan staff, though he is reportedly on the fence about whether to stay or go. Like Dews, could be looking at a promotion if his coordinator goes and he stays.
Special Teams(?)?If Casteel comes and coaches the linebackers and Jackson is shifted to WRs -- why they would do this, I don't know -- and Magee continues coaching the RBs, Michigan can blow a spot on an exotic like a TE/Special teams coach; more likely, IMO, is that there's a reshuffling and there's no specific special teams coach unless the guy who's just doing safeties picks up the responsibilities.