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Friday, January 04, 2008

Okay. Yesterday the Blade started a kerfuffle about a potential Mallett transfer; the Freep then shot that down by talking to his mom. Now two competing stories, one a sort of back off -- welcome to the club -- from the Blade entitled "UM's Mallett Weighs Transfer":

Michigan associate athletic director Bruce Madej said yesterday no paperwork has come across his desk about Mallett's transfer and that as far as he knows, Mallett is still enrolled at Michigan.

"He came back with us [on the team's flight back from Orlando], so I just saw him [Wednesday]," Madej said. "He was talking with the guys about seeing them next week."

UCLA associate athletic director Marc Dellins said he was unaware of Mallett's intentions to transfer and added Mallett would have to be released from his scholarship with the Wolverines before UCLA was able to contact him.

"I don't want to comment specifically about any one player, but we'd have to get a release from Michigan to even talk to him," Dellins said yesterday.
All that sounds well and good, but is strictly above-board stuff from athletic department members at both schools and is likely to be boilerplate. Angelique Chengelis, on the other hand:

As has been expected, quarterback Ryan Mallett is seriously leaning toward leaving Michigan after one season, according to sources close to the program. ... "I would be dumbfounded" if Mallett didn't transfer, one source said Thursday night.

Loud noises, indeed. I have nothing on this save one report from someone at the Citrus who talked with a person connected enough to predict a couple of Michigan's trick plays. Said person indicated that Mallett was outta heeeeere like Doug.

Chengelis is connected, the Blade had what seemed like an independent report, and all the Mallett-could-stay stuff seems to be phrased like "well... no officially official decision has been officially reached." IMO: gone.