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Monday, April 11, 2005

The basketball recruit mgoblog has its all-seeing, Sauron-like eye on, Canadian Jevohn Shepherd, played well in the grandiosely titled "Nike Hoop Summit" over the weekend, displaying excellent athleticism and, as they say, the ability to get to the rack. Booyah. Shepherd scored 14 points on 6 of 15 shooting and grabbed 7 rebounds in 25 minutes.

Chad Ford gave Shep a thumbs up in his article on the game, stating that

Canada's Jevon[sic] Shepard[sic, come on Ford] looked like the
best player on the team during the practices and had a nice game for the
international squad. He already has NBA athleticism and a good body, but he's
going to have to work on his perimeter game.

mgoblog suggests that if you are going to imagine Shepherd (platonically, please), you should imagine a raw version of Bernard Robinson, Jr. that doesn't turn the ball over quite as much.

Oh, yeah, Tory Jackson! Bill Martin says that he and Amaker are "joined at the hip," so I wouldn't worry about TA's job security too much. You might worry about his freakish siamese-twin condition, but you can't have everything.