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Saturday, April 09, 2005

mgoblog is a reasonable blog... except when it's watching sports. Then everything that is good is WONDERFUL!!! and everything that is bad is THE WORST THING EVER!!! and referees are all threatened with castration.

Usually post-game everything settles down and mgoblog immediately regrets the things he said and thought and assaulted. This worked out great before the whole blog thing. Now the muttered or screamed impreciations against God and fate are preserved in Internet formaldehyde, so the only thing to do? Point 'em out!

June 9, 2005 -- Softball National Championship
June 6, 2005 -- Softball Championship Series Game 1/Pistons-Heat Game 7
April 23 2005 -- NFL Draft/Pistons-Sixers
January 15, 2005 -- Basketball @ PSU
January 8, 2005 -- Hockey @ WMU