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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Michigan College Hockey (and Michael Spath) say that Bill Sauer is the new Marty Turco. The old Marty Turco is now with the Rangers, and the really old Marty Turco is Marty Turco.

More Jack Johnson: The previously mentioned GBW article by Brett Osbourne is up (attention GBW: spellcheck your articles; yes I am occasionally a hypocrite about this). For those doubting that Johnson will emerge from the sea wearing the winged helmet, radioactive and pissed, this is a direct quote:

"I'll be in Ann Arbor in the fall."
A defection now would be a major surprise to me, a Cammalleri-level shock. Good on yer, Johnson. Few would turn down professional riches in your position. Knock on wood.