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Thursday, August 04, 2005

More Carr talk is up at Scout.

Ted Ginn this. NFL Draft Showcase has compiled a highlight reel (right click and "save as") of Steve Breaston's freshman year ridiculousness. Included is the unbelievable Illinois punt return after which I turned to my friend and screamed above the din "HE IS HAVING SO MUCH SEX TONIGHT." Not from me, even though all Michigan fans are totally gay.

Ernest Shazor did not show up for the last four games of last season... or this year's Cardinals training camp. Says Dennis Green:

"We're being patient with him. ... He has some issues he's dealing with."
Indeed. Something wrong going on there. In other NFL news, Roy Manning will probably make the Packers' roster and Chris Perry is dinged up again in Cincinatti. Larry Stevens was the one doing the dinging (no Larry Harrison jokes, please).